Business Improvement

     The economic landscape is evolving rapidly, and businesses have to adapt
with it.


     For businesses to thrive, you have to know what your customer value and have bulletproof systems that give your customer high quality products or services consistently, on time, every time without exception.  Your ability to do this efficiently is called Operational Excellence.

Operational Excellence is made up of four main categories:

  • Strategy Deployment

  • Performance Management

  • High Performance Work Teams

  • Process Excellence


    In order to achieve Operational Excellence within your company, you need a clear plan of action and a good partner to help you through the process of implementing a Business Strategy that includes the four categories of Operational Excellence. 

    There are many pieces to this puzzle, and MAB Legal and Business Growth Partners have worked with many organisations to help them achieve Operational Excellence in their own company.

    The key is a good framework sometimes referred to as the Operational Excellence House. This framework includes methodologies like Six Sigma, Lean, Kaizen, and other key methods to complete the structure of the house.


You can’t have a completed house without each piece of the structure.