Our Legal Consultancy and Advice Services is an innovation on the traditional approach to law. 

Lawyers are the hitmen of the business world; they do not build anything.  Their task is to fix problems and to litigate.  It is important, vital even, but that face of the law is not the one that is best suited to the Entrepreneur. 


See us as your own legal department.  We do not sell services and products, we sell our combined hundreds of years’ experience on a retainer basis.   All our volumes of knowledge, our hundreds of tools, our thousands of precedents are to your disposal.

We want to partner with you, with all the advantages of knowledgeable partners without the cost or aggravation a traditional partner or partner entails.  You will never have to wonder what your next step is, or wonder whether you are doing the right thing.  We are right in there with you.  We cannot list all our products and services we will rather give you the broad strokes of what we can do for you:



  • consult with you to keep abreast of any significant developments in your business,

  • inform you of legal and business developments relative to your industry or particular business.

  • help you devise legal strategies.

  • help you construct compliance policies and procedures

  • set your corporate governance in order

  • set legal frameworks in place

  • teach and supply you with all precedents for corporate compliance and corporate governance.

  • help you with the drafting of agreements

  • at your disposal are thousands of process documents letters, memoranda, corporate governance documentation, agreements, memos, notes practice notes, signs, checklists etc. neatly categorised, and divided into sectors and sub-sectors for your convenience, You need not buy them off the internet. 

As a thank you for even considering us and as a measure of our good faith,             to download the "policy and procedures" and "process documents" to get your business Covid-19 compliant.

  • act as a soundboard,

  • guide you through the intricacies of business law with its many branches and subbranches.  

  • apply the law pro-actively to prevent problems but more importantly, give you the edge over your competitors.

  • go with you to the negotiation table.

  • maximise your business value should you wish to cash out.

  • We utilise the power of two worlds, the Legal world and the Business Improvement world. No one else can offer you this package.

  • Should things go wrong, and inevitably they sometimes do, we advise on the best course of action, we strategize, and we will not leave your side until it has been sorted out,



Whether you are a start-up or nearing the end of your journey we will be able to assist you.

Our combined expertise extend to many areas, far more than we can cover on a website.  For a more concrete idea of what we do, we offer a sampling of certain niche legal areas.  Feel free to click here to  

Legal Consultancy and Advice Services