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A great Start -up can set you up for success right from the start.

We have helped hundreds of start-up companies.  It’s allowed

us to create tools and methods that help founders get their

legal basics sorted quickly and cheaply.

We also partner with some of the main accelerators and incubators and some of the top Commercial Lawyers, so we are familiar with the landscape and the challenges start-up founders face trying to build a solid business even a global business from the tip of Africa.

free legal guides & templates for startups

We have a massive database of precedents to help you prepare for the road ahead. Legal basics, capital raising, contracts, and exit – it’s all covered.

We also have loads of free legal templates and more will be added each week.  These are great for learning about common transactions, even if you don’t need to use the templates just yet.

trusted advisors for founders

Our team has learnt heaps about business processes over the years, management, strategic planning and implementation, business improvement methodologies and business analytics to name a but a few. Our start-up clients get the benefit of that experience as part of the package, whether we are on the clock or catching up over a coffee.