Legal Risk Management

   In  a  complex  world  where  corporate  scandals,  government

investigations, and fines are becoming more prevalent, effectively

managing  legal  risk  is  critical  to  the  health of an organisation. 

In the last two decades there was a seismic shift in consumer law.  


For instance, strict liability was extended from food products to

include all products;

Even the way we could litigate was changed, previously you had to go up the supply chain one by one; the whole supply chain can now be held jointly and severally liable by the consumer, or class of consumer.  It is therefore imperative that, leaders of companies of all sizes need to be proactive about instituting a legal risk management program that covers such issues as class actions, product liability claims, shareholder actions, corporate governance, statutory and regulatory compliance and other legal-related matters.

  • apply legal risk management concepts in a corporate setting;

  • understand how to manage regulatory and compliance issues

  • avoid accusations of discrimination; and

  • steer clear of product liability claims.


We will share with you our strategies and action steps that will help you to minimise, mitigate, and transfer legal risk.