MAB Legal Consultancy and Advice Services

Our Legal Consultancy and Advice Services is an innovation on the traditional approach to law. 


Lawyers are the hit men of the business world; they do not build anything.  Their task is to fix problems and to litigate. It is important, vital even, but that face of the law is not the one that is best suited to you,  the Entrepreneur. 


See us as your own Legal department.  We do not sell services and products, we sell our combined hundreds of years’ experience on a retainer basis. 


All our volumes of knowledge, our hundreds of tools,  our thousands of precedents are yours. 


Whether you are a start-up or nearing the end of your journey, we will be able to assist you.


                                               for you 30 min free Legal                                                 consultancy session. 

We cover many niche areas, far more than we can cover on a website.  For a more concrete idea of what we do, we offer a sampling of certain niche legal areas. 


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What We can Do for You

You will never have to wonder what your next step is, or wonder whether you are doing the right thing.  We are right in there with you. 


Legal Consult

 and Advice Services

We combine decades of legal experience with powerful business development tools in one congruent package that will certainly give you the edge. 


Our legal advice includes guidance on any aspect of Business and Commercial Law and includes 1000’s of precedent contracts, form letters, and process documents.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers &Acquisitions are a niche area that requires much skill in the way of technical know-how, legal expertise, business acumen and negotiation skills.


Our knowledge and experience in both the fields of business and law makes us uniquely qualified to navigate you through this crossover area.


If you have ever been duped, or caught out by a provision in a contract they told you were standard, then you will understand how important it is to have someone by your side that understand both the legal realities and business efficacy of an agreement. 


Our start-up program will help you get your legal basics and business processes sorted out quickly and cheaply. 


It provides you with every conceivable resource you may want or need to start or grow your business from company documents to marketing, from Intellectual property protection to Human Resources.  You name it and we have it covered.

Legal Risk Management

Limit Your Legal Risk.


Implement a Legal Risk Management Program to avoid fines, governmental investigations or costly litigation. 

Corporate Governance

Getting your basic corporate governance policies and procedures, processes and practices sorted out can be a tedious and complicated process. 


It is however all part of what we do as part of the retainer. We take the grind out of running a business so that you can focus on more important matters.