MAB Soft Skills Development 

People are the real heart and soul of a Business.

Most business have been focusing on creating systems that work, and on improving processes, and rightly so.  In the process, powerful business improvement systems were developed that can truly transform a business.  All these systems, including Lean Six Sigma is a must have, but they are powerless to touch the hearts and minds of your people. 


These systems do not dream, they do not inspire.  They work on data and on figures and they spit out better data and figures.  They improve the “technicals” of your business but it does very little for the development of your people. Sure, within these systems you are encouraged to get the buy-in of your people, but frankly this too is not enough to build a company that instills pride in the heart of your people, a place where people can feel safe, a place of self-actualisation.  


You may ask: “Why should I care?” “If my bottom line is better, all is well.” The problem is, you do not only have to consolidate your change, you have to keep improving constantly to keep your edge in the market, and you can only do that, if you instill a culture of excellence, and you can only instill a culture of excellence, if you can inspire your people to have a emotional and not only logical commitment to the process. 

For these reasons we are proud to say that our approach is different.  We have developed programs that will do far more than get your employees buy-in, we have developed programs that will absolutely transform your people and teach them skills that they will cherish and use for the rest of their lives, not only in their professional life, but in their personal lives too.

Think of it this way:  If a business is a machine that can take time and turn it into money.  Business improvement systems will take your business machine, and turn it into a machine that can turn time into money far better and effectively than before.  The soft skills that we are about to teach you, will take your machine and turn it into a living organism that is dynamic, self-aware, self-diagnostic and most importantly creative!


They are:

Learn & Lead – Leadership Development Training:
3 – 5 days

Turn you vision into reality with the tools provided in this course.


Expected outcomes:

By undergoing the program, employees will:

•     Distinguish between management and leadership

•     Sharpen interpersonal and communication Skills

•     Make wise and prompt decisions

•     Handle the work load effectively

•     Develop analytical skills

•     Strike perfect balance between work and personal life

•     Encourage and motivate team members

The Coaching Habit: Say Less, Ask More,: 
3 – 4 days

Change the Way You Lead Forever

Expected outcomes:

At the heart of this course are seven questions that will break you out of these the vicious circles of Creating Over-dependence and Getting Overwhelmed and elevate the way you work.

  • Improve the workforce of a company,

  • improve employee morale, and

  • help achieve organisational goals.


Effective coaching involves building a relationship with trust, motivation, and accountability.

Transformer - 5 days or 6 sessions x 3 hours each


  • Self-Awareness: Definition & Tools to become more self-aware to reach you true potential.

  • Temperament Blends & Values: Know your Behavioural Style, your Strengths & Weaknesses and make them work for you through without breaking your Non-Negotiable.

  • Communication Style: Objectives: Learn the 5 Keys to Good Communication and tools to become a better communicator.

  • Emotional Mastery: Learn to acknowledge your emotions and master the I can Choose Model

  • Conflict Resolution: Understand the Consequences of Destructive Conflict and learn the 4 Steps to Synergy

  • Your Influence as a Leader:  Know the Qualities of Leaders, understanding of Influence a s leader and learn the Model of Self-Change


Lead to inspire - Emotional Intelligence: 1 - 2 days

Expected outcomes:

Those who have high EQ and who can apply it to business life, can:

  • Manage difficult situations successfully.

  • Earn the respect of your team members.

  • Influence your team members.

  • Easily ask for help from other team members.

  • Continue working calmly even under pressure.

  • Lead yourselves and others effectively during a meeting, project or crisis.

  • Able to complete tasks.


Inner Vision: 1 day

Expected outcomes:

  • A clear vision helps you pursue dreams and achieve goals; an idea of the future, a strong wish. You feel much more valuable as a person when you set and achieve visions and goals.

  • The Importance of a Vision. A vision can be used in two different ways: inspiration and prediction


Workshops: 1 day
Team Development
  • Time Management Skills

  • Know Yourself

  • Presentation Skills

  • Communication Skills


Workshops: 1 day
Personal Development
  • Time Management Skills

  • Presentation Skills

  • Communication Skills

  • Conflict Resolution Skills

  • Problem solving Skills

  • Team SWOT Analysis

  • Decision making & Creative Thinking Skills