Our Market -

We cater for you!

Small & Medium Sized Enterprises

           We do not cater for big business nor do we want to.  Our aim is to help you, - the small and medium enterprise no matter in which sector you may operate. 


           Our panel of experts have worked with the biggest and best of them, either as legal advisors or as business coaches or both, including, SASOL, Mittal, Hewlett Packard, Anderson Transport, Wholesun Bakery (the biggest independent bakery in South Africa), City Capital (one of the last Property Syndication Companies in South Africa) and Thrive-FX perhaps the most forward thinking and creative eco-developers in South-Africa, but our successes there, are not our pride and joy. 


          We relish the challenge of the small and medium enterprise.  It is in you we take pride.  Believe it or not, achieving measurable improvement in big business is far easier than in small businesses, it is a “fait a comply” really.  If you have money you do not have to come up with creative solutions, you can always fix it with the latest and greatest [insert whatever fancy software or expensive machine can solve the problem] solution. 


          The true measure of a quality Advisor or Coach is not turning big businesses into bigger businesses but taking a struggling business with little resources and turn it into an industry champion.  Small businesses have to make do with what they have.  They cannot afford to throw money at every problem instead they have to find creative solutions to expensive problems and we enjoy searching out those solutions with them.  Sometimes a few handy tools and a solid blueprint is all that is needed to set a business’s potential alight.  We have seen what our methodologies and toolset can achieve, and it is glorious.


          Small and medium Enterprises is the lifeblood of our economy and that is why we want to work with you.  If you fail our economy fail, if you succeed, our economy succeeds.  Everyone is after big businesses, no-one caters for you, the smaller enterprise, we do, and that is precisely why you should choose to work with us.