Strategic planning means doing the right things, which is very

different from doing things right.

      Small business owners are usually so embroiled in day to day

activities they lose the forest for the trees.  We would like to change that and turn you into an owner that think and act strategically every time.  A general do not fight in the front lines. They work “on the war” by planning, they do not fight it.

      In today's business environment, strategic planning stresses the importance of making decisions that will ensure an organisation's ability to successfully respond to changes in the environment and plan for sustainable viability.

      We empower you with practical, field-tested techniques and a complete 6-phase plan, that will show you how to make strategy a habit, no matter the size of your enterprise, type, or resource constraints.

       If you’re running your organisation without a plan, you’re going to get slaughtered unless you are really lucky.  An astonishing 90 percent of businesses are running without a plan but on gut feel and emotion alone. That 90 percent is hoping that their gut is telling them the right thing. But because you’re reading this webpage, you’re ready to run the show, and you’re close to joining the elite 10 percent that know a strategic plan is important. Is it not co-incidental that about the same number of businesses fail within 5 years? Compare that to franchises where 90% succeed. Why? Because they  have  overriding strategic plans in place and clockwork systems that ensure process efficiency and customer satisfaction.

       If you are looking to build and sustain a competitive edge, set up an ongoing process for market assessment and trend analysis, and develop a vision for future growth our retainer based coaching program will teach you the latest on planning for both the short and the long-term; crucial information on succession planning; help preparing for the unexpected using scenario planning and agile strategy; strategies for implementing change and integrating strategic plans successfully by involving all staff members; and much more.