Why Choose MAB Legal & Business Growth Partners?

MAB Consulting is unique in 2 very profound ways...

  No other business consultancy offer you both Legal Advice and Business Consulting/Coaching rolled into one; and No other consultancy have adapted the methodologies big businesses use for the small and medium enterprise. 

We have. 

Because we understand the legal environment...

     You have to comply with and operate within the legal environment, and because we understand the challenges South African business owners face, we can give you pro-active advice and programs that will give you more of what you want and better protect what you have.

South Africa has a very unique social and economic landscape.  We have diverse cultures, enormous economic disparities, very liberal labour laws that severely restrict what you as an employer may or may not do, powerful dictatorial bargaining councils, way too much regulations and political intervention in our businesses and discriminatory programs like BBBEE.  The point is, we do not have the freedom to ring in changes or improvements like the rest of the world can.  We are restricted in what we can do. 

We understand the small business’s position...

        We understand very well the challenges you are going through, the frustration and sometimes the injustice of it all.  More than most countries in the west we have to cope with challenges other western countries cannot even imagine.

We exist for you and dedicated to performance improvement in Small and Medium Enterprises, and because we are so unique, we can add value to your business in a way no one else can.


In the last 2 years alone, MAB's Performance Excellence Coaches saved our clients 10’s of millions of Rand and added more than R 500 000 000.00 in customer benefits.

Our team...

      Our proven team has deep industry experience and a strong understanding of the frameworks, methodologies, tools, and behaviours that enable organisations to achieve their strategic objectives and sustained success.  And, because we serve a wide range of industries, your organisation gains access to a cross-disciplinary pool of expertise and experience.

National capabilities

       MAB Legal & Business Growth Partners's headquartered in Cape Town, South Africa.  

Our panel of consultants are located in the Western Cape, Gauteng and Kwazulu Natal.  With the aid of technology, we are able to serve any client wherever they may be in South-Africa. If needed we can be onsite anywhere in South Africa within hours.

We speak the languages of your employees, understand their cultures, and are local to their bases of operations.  Our geographic span allows your organisation to work with one vendor for your improvement project - no matter how many locations you need to serve.

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